your Swim buddy OSCAR creator bio

Marcia Davis

Beginning her career at Miami Seaquarium, she had the honor to work with a diverse group of marine mammals – dolphins, whales and a very special Orca, Tokitae. Fascinated by animal behavior, Marcia moved further into the zoological field and began working with everything from otters to elephants in various zoos including Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

By utilizing innovative reinforcement techniques to reduce stress and train behaviors like blood draws, foot care, dental work and other important veterinary procedures, the animals received better care without stress. Her work with these amazing animals fostered in her the teaching and training methods she employs today with her students.

Marcia owns and operates Angelfish Swim School, and is the primary trainer for its growing staff and expanding service area. Opened in 2006, Angelfish is responsible for teaching thousands of students in the Tampa Bay area to become safe swimmers. OSCAR was created to instill confidence in young swimmers during lessons, and is now available to those seeking to work with their own children.

In her book “Teach your child to swim the gentle way, with Positive Reinforcement” there are easy to follow methods to teach your child in a stress free, guided approach. Marcia’s experience training and working with such a variety of unique species enables her to share these invaluable skills with parents through the creation of OSCAR during their early water experience and learning to swim.

Marcia Davis at Seaquarium atop Toki, a killer whale